Anna Ohlsén

Anna fell in love with Kizomba over five years ago when traveling to one of many festivals and got inspired by the music and the softness & flow in the dance. Since then she’s travelled around Europe (and even moved) to learn from the most knowledgeable teachers and dancers out there. Anna is known for her genuine smiles, for a soft and playful connection and one of the greater follows but also greater leads in Stockholm, her home city where she teaches regularly. She started leading to be able to create a better and more playful connection on the dance floor, both between partners and to the music. Semba and more uptempo Kizomba are what really brings out her smile and shine on a dance floor!

Anna thrives when she get to help others improve their dancing skills, especially when she can point out those details that makes the difference in the simplicity. She’s warmhearted and technically detailed through her teaching and loves giving as much personal feedback as possible! And if you get the chance, don’t hesitate to ask her for a dance, follow or lead!