Jose Enrique Valerio

José was born in Venezuela. There he was in touch with latin music and dance since he was very young. From these days he got the approach of «feeling» the music, as something natural, where you learn to dance spontaneously, while having fun. He moved to Europe in 2007, where he started seeing «the other perspective» of dancing: taking classes, being disciplined and practice, practice, practice…! The mixture of those «two worlds» gives him an advantage at learning new dances and new moves.

José discovered Kizomba almost 4 years ago and got hooked on it really fast! He started learning traditional steps but his style quickly evolved, as he got a lot of influence from urban kiz.

What inpires him the most about kizomba is the freedom and creativity it gives to the dancers, who can achieve high levels of musicality without the need of super-complicated moves.

He currently lives and teaches in Bern, Switzerland, and often goes to festivals around Europe, sometimes to teach or perform, and sometimes just for the fun.