Tamba Salsaché Hissirou

Thank you Trondheim, Salsanor and all the people involved, my old and new friends, my fellow artists and DJs, all the ladies I danced with and all of the people who attended my classes for an AWE-SOME time in Norway!! One love!

– Tamba, UK

One foot in Cuban style, the other in the New York style, Tamba is an international Salsa dancer, teacher and performer who is known for his versatility, musicality, energy and his great social dancing skills! With more than 10 years experience, Tamba (from Paris/France) has always been passionate about dance and especially Salsa. A passion which pushed him to travel and learn from the best and excel in many dances: Casino, Rueda, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, Pachanga, Mambo on2 and Chachacha. Just name it, Tamba can dance it!

Based in the UK, he first made a name for himself by providing a series of popular Rueda de Casino workshops and also by performing New York style shows with local groups from 2009. Not resting on his laurels, he made the big jump in 2015 and successfully started choreographing and performing his own shows with Carolina his partner at the time. Founder of his Salsa dance school Salsache, Tamba and his team give classes in Nottingham in Cuban Salsa, Rueda, New York style and Chachacha.

With many praising his teaching skills and high energy classes, Tamba is regularly being invited to teach throughout the UK and all around the world. Exciting, friendly and approachable, Tamba pays close attention to detail and technique. He adapts his teaching style to the needs of his students so they make good and visible progress!

With his dance partner Emanuela, they try to bring something new all the time and the crowd is really appreciative of the freshness and creativity they bring into the scene.  

All in all Tamba absolutely loves dancing and he is a party animal! Be ready to be entertained one way or another!