The artists and instructors

We proudly introduce the following artists and instructors for Latin Weekend 2017

Will be announced during Fall 2016


dr Chip McClure

X-Body, Musicality

Chip is known as an experienced, enthusiastic social dancer who loves to play with the music and create a dialogue with different partners on the dancefloor. Over the past ten years she has danced at many international congresses and trained with inspiring teachers across the world.


Tamba Salsché Hissirou

X-body, Cha cha, Cuban, Rueda

One foot in Cuban style, the other in the New York style, Tamba is an exciting Salsa dancer, teacher and performer who is known for his versatility, musicality, energy and his great social dancing skills! With more than 10 years experience, Tamba (from Paris/France) has always been passionate about dance and especially Salsa.


Emanuela lafrate

Cuban, Footwork, Cha Cha

Emanuela started dancing at a very young age. She attended various dance schools, among others the IALS in Rome, Italy where she practiced ballet, jazz and hip hop.

She trained with the Spellbound company at the IALS, and danced in a professional hip hop crew for 2 years.


Joseph K. Ansah

X-Body, -On2, -Threesome

Joseph is based in London, originally from Ghana, and is a very well known person in the world of social dancing. With his distinct style, playfulness and creativity on the dance floor he’s definetely someone you notice. He has a wonderful way of connecting with his partner always bringing in an element of surprise in each and every dance.


Ingrid Berg Johnsen

X-body, -on2, -threesome

Her focus is communication and playfullnes in the dance, and to share the dance with both your dance partner but also the music. This combined with her natural elegance and energy makes for a beautiful unity of dance.


Jose Enrique Valerio

Kizomba, Bachata

Kizomba and bachata instructor Jose Enrique Valerio also known as Kike will be joining us at Latin Weekend 2017 here in Trondheim, Norway.


Nicola Medic

Cuban, afro, son, rueda

On the dance floor you can’t miss him! – A talented dancer with exceptional musicality, his ruedas are a fusion of everything:  Afro, son, rumba, reggaeton, hip hop, crazy footwork, and above all, plenty of comedy!


Danielle Satsias

Cuban, afro, son, rueda

She may be little but her classes are hardcore… She will make you sweat! On the dance floor she’s brimming with energy, with her own style of sharp footwork, surprising drops to floor and a touch of hip hop flavour!



Pablo Miranda

Cuban, x-body, -on2.

Our very own Pablo, currently living in Kristiansand, is one of the most popular teachers at SalsaNors Congresses. This Salsa and rueda veteran receives brilliant ratings on our teacher evaluation each year at congresses, and has a huge group of fans in the Salsa scene.

Skjermbilde 2017-02-23 16.13.45

Anna Ohlsén

Kizomba, Semba

Anna fell in love with Kizomba over five years ago when traveling to one of many festivals and got inspired by the music and the softness & flow in the dance.