SalsaNor and Latin Weekend has a strong tradition in building a good balance between leads and follow at their congresses and courses. We belive that by doing so we will build the participants experience and reduce wating time for the ones that are without partners.

A dance partner doesn’t have to be your life partner – it only needs to be a counter part to what you dance – lead or follow. We do not even require that you participate on the same workshops or the same level. But you have to dance your role during all workshops that is partnerwork.

Below you will see leads and follows requesting a partner to sign-up with. We advice you to check the list for a partner before you add your own request. Usually there are always a follow in need for a lead.

Be adviced before you add your own request – You are making your name an phone number public – Latin Weekend are not responsible for unwanted effects of this.

Please notify Latin Weekend crew if you are on the list, and now have a partner and need to be removed.