DJ Batman

I started as a salsa dancer and was introduced to kizomba by a friend in 2011 and fell immediately in love. I was given the chance to be a DJ at a bachata/kizomba weekend in 2012 in Sweden, and from then on I have been asked to play at most festivals and parties in Stockholm and around Sweden.

I run Kizombafeber, one of the most popular group on FB and in Sweden, and I am also the co-owner/DJ at Kizola nights,  the oldest and biggest kizomba club in Stockholm.
I have been playing at many local and international festivals such as Hot Salsa Weekend (2012-2016), Salsa Cruise (2012-16), Sweden Kizomba Festival 2012-2016 and Scandinavian Salsa Congress. Internationally, I have played in Finland, Norway, Portugal among others.

At the moment I play kizomba, semba, zouk Antalia, kompa, ghetto zouk and bachata, but would like to play more kizomba/zouk. I also enjoy experimenting with zouk-bass (which goes great with more modern or urban kiz), a mix loved by people on dance floor