1 -2 june @ byscenen, trondheim

Moe Flex


Val Danza




Dj Sezar

The instructors

Moe Flex

World renowned MC, Artist, Choreographer, Teacher, Entertainer and Storyteller.

Moe Flex combines his personality, enthusiasm for life and quick wit to deliver his own brand of ‘Flex-fun’ to each and every occasion. His professionalism, sense of humour and attention to detail has led to him to become one of the most sought-after and popular performers. And now he’s here! Yay!

Magda Prichodko

Dance teacher, choreographer, event organizer,

art & entertainment project leader.

This multitalent moved to Trondheim in 2017 to take position as head instructor for SalsaNor. She is known for her unique expressive dance style, musicality and social dance skills. She enjoys dancing latin dances, swing as well as jazz and impro. Trondheim’s own energy bomb, she’s the full package!

Steeve Oagi

Salsa & Bachata instructor

This gentleman started dancing in 2007 and has never stopped since. With great passion for dance, he rapidly grew in the dance society. Steeve has studied Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, Afro-Cuban in different studios around the world. Today Steeve is based in Oslo where he currently teaches Salsa & Bachata at Salsakompaniet.

Val Danza

Oslo’s urban kiz specialist

Valerie started off as a ballerina and has lots of classical training. However, in 2009 she added Salsa and Bachata to her life and then fell in love with Kizomba and Urban Kiz. Val focuses on technique, style, creativity and confidence. She is known for her professionalism, positive energy and the ability to identify the needs of her students.

Glesniel Pérez

DJ and Cuban Salsa instructor

Dj and dance instructor with 10 years experience, Glesniel Pérez Montalvo, was born in Havana, Cuba and moved to Bergen in 2014 Glesniel is running his own dance school in Bergen, Cuba-Norge Dans, together with his dancing partner, Karina. As a teacher, Glesniel has excellent pedagogy, tremendous energy, and is loved by his students.

The DJ

Maria Lyngstad & Aleksander Jokic

Ballroom World Champions

We’re so proud to have world champions amongst us here in Trondheim, and so fortunate to have them join us in this edition of Latin Weekend! Their classes will give us a glimpse of what ballroom is like, and we are certain y’all are in for a real treat! This is maybe a once-in-a lifetime-opportunity, make sure you don’t miss it!

DJ Sezar

World travelling DJ

DJ Sezar is a true SalsaNor-friend ! We adore his attitude towards DJing: “I play music with my mind and heart connected to the dancefloor. I play together with other DJs to move the floor as much as possible..... It's all about the party and the people!!!I don't play for myself or individuals....And most importantly, I play for the present and the past musicians’... (Bless them all)”. Feel the love, guys !