SalsaNor Trondheim + Latin Weekend

Salsanor Trondheim

 The proud Latin Weekend organizer
If you didn’t already know, Latin Weekend is brought to you by SalsaNor Trondheim. It is an independent non-profit association established in 1999 with the objective to create a good and inclusive environment for salsa (and other Latin American) dance and music in Trondheim.

The aim is to build a long-term, inclusive and sustainable Latin dance environment in Trondheim and its surrounding region. This is done by offering dance classes of high quality with experienced and trained instructors and arranging social dance evenings so that the dance can be practiced. But SalsaNor also organise conventions such as Latin Weekend, style focused weekend work shops and boot camps in addition to concerts and dance tours now and then.

 Do you live in Trondheim and want to be a part of our salsa family?

SalsaNor Trondheim is solely operated by volunteers of a working board and other volunteers. We are always on the look out for people that want to contribute to making Trondheim a shining north star on the salsa scene! So do you have organising skills, photo/video skills, writing skills, sales skills, or just want to contribute to making the magic happen one way or the other – please don’t hesitate to contact us by writing an email to In return we can offer free entrance to events, courses, social dancing etc by further agreement.