Latin Weekend 2015

Feedbacks from Latin Weekend 2015

 Latin Weekend and Britannia Hotel

The much applauded Latin Weekend 2015 took place at the esteemed Britannia Hotel in the heart of Trondheim October 30 – November 1. 3 magical days with new and lasting friendships, high quality classes, instructors and DJs, and 2 magical nights with happy people dancing like nobody was watching both in and out of Halloween costumes.

An era is over – from here on Latin Weekend will take place in spring and since our go-to venue Britannia Hotel is closed until further notice, our new venue is Scandic Lerkendal Hotel where also the acclaimed Rueda Congress took place!

However, let´s look back Latin Weekend 2015 with some of the lovely feedback we received:

Thank you Trondheim, Salsanor and all the people involved, my old and new friends, my fellow artists and DJs, all the ladies I danced with and all of the people who attended my classes for an AWE-SOME time in Norway!! One love!

– Tamba, UK

So I’m still recovering from Latin Weekend in Trondheim. And it’s hard to find something that wouldn’t be worth to mention about that event. So I’ll try to keep it short: Best organization – thank you for taking such a great care of us, awesome music, super crazy dances, great students in classes and IRREPLACEABLE company. Again it felt like FAMILY:) LOVE YOU all! So to sum up: If you missed that event this year – you better make sure to be there next year!!! Peace n Mambo:D

– Magda, Poland/Norway

What a weekend, thank you to everyone who attended the sexy sensual room over the weekend, we had a great time, looking forward to seeing you all soon.

– Mory, UK

Woooow never imagine to say that but.. I miss Trondheim ! So thank you Trondheim for this lovely event, the lovely dances and dancers I met there ☺️ Kyss och Klem ❤️ 

– Boris, France

Another crazy year in Trondheim. Happy to meet so amazing people, all and new friends. Salsanor Trondheim, thank you so much for everything. And keep dancing!!! Mucho amor para todos y nos vemos pronto!!!!

– Yuliet, Cuba/Norway

Kjempemessig Trondheim!!!😄 Time has stopped for a salsa weekend In Trondheim: had a peace of mind, relaxing break, familial atmosphere and a lot of fun. Learnt about the city, his history and culture, local food (chocolate and cheese), quite now fluent to survive in Trondheim.:-) Almost forgot salsa scene in Trondheim: Great shows, a lot of funny and lovely stroves with great music offered by our DJs. Thinking to move in Trondheim in June 2017. What about you?

– Moussa, UK

Wow what a weekend!! It was amazing to have such wonderful people and it was special to hang with my boys Mory and Tamba. All artists were exceptional and dedicated to make it a unique experience. All the DJs were dedicated to send us home limping. Thank you all so much. Norway didn’t want to let us go and UK didn’t want us back but despite the incredible journey I made it home and finally off to bed!!

– Moe, UK

Hi everyone, thank you for a wonderful weekend in Trondheim. You are so welcoming it feels like being at home. Thank you to the organizers, instructors and the volunteers! Hugs from Roskilde

– Palle, Denmark

Back home exhausted and sleepy but very happy after 2 really great nights in Trondheim’s Latin Weekend. Again it was amazing returning back to Britannia hotel and join Salsanor and the salsa family there. Big and great words could describe many many other amazing moments but it all breaks down to this simply thing…. thank you so much, it was fantastic… Big hugs from Oslo <3

– Sezar, Norway