Årets artister og instruktører

Vi kan stolt presentere følgende artister og instruktører til Latin Weekend 2019

NB! Presentasjonstekst vil hovedsakelig være på engelsk.

Luis Vazquez

Puerto Rican on1

Luis Vazquez is an instructor, choreographer, performer and master of ceremonies from Guadalajara, Mexico. He is one of the pioneers of the popular LA salsa style (on1) together with his brothers Johnny Vazquez and Francisco Vazquez. Luis has been traveling to more than 150 countries to participate in dance festivals and has appeared in many TV shows, movies and commercials.

Samuel Funflow & Sophia Adalis

Mambo, cha cha, bachata

Samuel Funflow and Sophia Adalis are dancers, instructors and choreographers who cover it all: salsa, bachata, pachanga and more. They both bring a spicy touch to the Afro Latin rhythms, mixing them with Samuel’s hip hop energy and Sophia’s Arabian and African flavor! 

Mailevis Fernandez

Everything Cuban

Mailevis was born and trained in Havana, Cuba, covering all traditional Cuban styles such as son, danzon, folkloric styles and of course casino and rueda. She’s been a dancer her entire life and early on developed a deep love for the art form. Together with Hansel she will bring the fiery Cuban spirit to Trondheim! 

Hansel Rivero

Everything Cuban

Hansel is a professionally trained dancer from Cuba, having studied at the dance schools of National Folkloric Ensemble and Tropicana de Cuba. Extremely versatile, Hansel covers Cuban styles like casino, rumba and afro. He has worked for the largest Cuban dance troupes and companies including Cabaret Tropicana – famous for the best musical dance shows in Cuba!


Ingrid Berg Johnsen

Puerto Rican on1

Ingrid focuses on communication and playfullness in the dance, creating special moments based on the music with her partner. This combined with her natural elegance and energy makes for a beautiful unity when dancing! 

Magda Prichodko

Puerto Rican on1

Magda is the beloved head instructor in SalsaNor Trondheim and one of the most desired instructors and show dancers in Europe – for good reason! Anyone who’s been to her classes knows that she brings laughter, style and most of all great teaching skills and a drive to impart her massive knowledge to everyone. At LatinWeekend she’ll be teaching with her male alter ego Luis Vazquez – you DON’T want to miss any of their classes!


Stine & Laurentiu


Laurentiu and Stine, a dance couple based in Oslo, started dancing together three years ago. Their passion for Caribbean music and dances made them fall in love with bachata. They have learned from the creators of bachata sensual, Korke and Judith, and they can’t wait to share their knowledge and have lots of dancing fun together with all of us at LatinWeekend!