Laurentiu & Stine

Laurentiu and Stine, a dance couple based in Oslo, started dancing together three years ago. Their passion for Caribbean music and dances made them fall in love with bachata. They have learned from the creators of bachata sensual, Korke and Judith, and they can’t wait to share their knowledge and have lots of dancing fun together with all of us at LatinWeekend!

Laurentiu and Stine both have high level experience in multiple styles of dance; mambo/salsa, bachata, folk dance, ballet and jazz among them. Their love of dance lead them to the top in the last few years and this year’s national championships in salsa, and they were representing Norway in the 2018 World Championship. Laurentiu and Stine are also part of Allure dance company @alluremambodc, one of Scandinavia’s leading mambo groups, lead by Alexis Ruiz @alexistyle.