DJ Sezar

DJ Sezar started to spin vinyls at the early age of 16. He began with hip-hop and R’n’B and then trance, jazz house and latin house and finally, with salsa, around 2003. Since 2009 his reputation as a DJ has grown tremendously and he has worked at congresses such as Berlin, Warsaw, Sofia, Gothenburg, Antalya, Dubai, Ulm, Zurich, Athens Spring festival, New Delhi, Riga… The list is endless!

Over the years he has been working at local parties, clubs, socials and festivals, helping promoters and performers, and he has also worked with both productions and shows. He is flexible and works with the floor – he will give the dancers various improvised sets of music.

Sezar loves playing for a mixed floor, from time to time giving the dancers something surprisingly different! His enjoyable, varied sets will keep you dancing all night long.